General Related FAQ’s

Q: What is the difference between the Model A and Model B Universal Exercise Beds? A: Model A has a stationary fixed mattress that allows for extra storage room below. Model B is built with drop-down sides that allow for more flexible positioning for the arms during specific workouts (but with less storage space below).

Q: What is the difference between the regular Beds compared to the deluxe versions? A: The actual beds have the same exact construction. The difference is that the Deluxe version comes with an Entertainment package that includes several electronic devices (such as flat-screen TV, receiver, surround sound, etc.), orthopedic pillow, and Free Shipping.

Q: Who will assemble my new Universal Exercise Bed? A: The documentation and resources we provide should be sufficient to successfully construct your product.

Q: What if I lose my Instructions Manual? A: Contact us to receive a new one either electronically (printable at home) or by mail.

Q: How do I order new parts for my Universal Exercise Bed down the road? A: Call customer service or email us for Parts Info.

Q: What if I have any other questions, not listed? A: Please call customer service or email inquiries.


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