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Consider a beautiful girl and a strong boy. When they are success­ fully reared by motherpower, they mature into their respective gender­ ideals: the dolly bird and the macho. To bring this about, the girl is taught self-worship or narcissism; the boy heroism or self-sacrifice. Her narcissism induces an absolute self-centredness which smothers those self-sacrificing impulses which are fostered in the boy by male codes of honour, gallantry and heroism. bird will worship herself; but the macho will worship woman and serve her, even to the point of sacrificing his life to preserve hers.

According to Ambrose Bierce, love is "a temporary 35 for the sake of accuracy, he should have insanity curable by marriage,,; qualified that by the opening phrase "In men,". Similarly, when Francis 36 he should Bacon remarked: "It is impossible to love and be wise,,, have added the opening phrase "For a man,". Likewise, the saying "love is blind" should be taken as shorthand for "a man in love is blind to his best interests". None of these remarks applies to women. A woman in love is far from insane; she is anything but unwise or blind to her interests.

The Powers of Her Body-beautiful He may well die for me who has seen my beauty. 31 - Girls' song from 13th century Portugal. regular beauty & a smile in the street is just a set_up. 32 - Ntozake Shange From puberty onward, nothing disorganizes the male mind more quick­ ly or thoroughly than the sight of the female body-beautiful. It triggers a craving which overwhelms the male's self-protective instincts. His lust provoked, he will gladly crash through a wall of ftre, and through thundering ocean waves, to throw himself, panting and out of breath, into the provocative woman's arms.

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