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By George Novack

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Marxism is dialectical, Novack explains. It considers all phenomena of their improvement, of their transition from one kingdom to a different. And it's materialist, explaining the realm as topic in movement that exists ahead of and independently of human recognition.


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The Social Democracy attains the regime necess ary for it by means of a complicated system: on one hand, it system­ atically expels not only from the p a rty but also from the trade unions r adically or critically inclined workers, if they cannot be bribed by remunerative positions; on the other h and, it frees its ministers, parliamentary deputies, journalists and tr ade­ union bureaucrats from submitting to discipline with regard to the party. The combined methods of repression, betrayal and bribery permit the Social Democracy to retain the semblance of discussions, elections, control, etc.

Trotsky "will in no case return to the Soviet Union"; " Trotsky never was a friend of the peasantry"; "no reconciliation is possible between Trotsky' s policy of permanent revolution and the policy of . . " All this is said, it is clear, on the contrary, to pacify the public opinion of the French not to scare the b ourgeoisie but, b ourgeoisie. " In other words, the o rgan of finance capital not o nly does not attempt to exagger­ ate the influence of its supp osed "ally," but, on the contrary, c alms the French b ourgeoisie with assurances of the full and complete victory [by the advocates] of socialism in one country over [those of] the permanent r evolution.

Mentioning in passing that the bloc with the Communist Party has pushed certain sections of the "official movement" to the right, the National Council expresses the hope that these preju­ dices can be conquered by an active participation in daily struggles. The fact that the reactionary prejudices of the leaders of the Labour Party and of the General Council of the Trades Union Congress do not frighten the leaders of the I LP only does the ILP credit Unfortunately, however, it is not only a 55 Whither the Independent Labour Party?

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