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By Lewis Herman

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This general textual content, now in paperback for the 1st time-- the better half quantity to Foreign Dialects-- American Dialects deals consultant dialects of each significant component of the U.S.. In each one case, a basic description and background of the dialect is given, via an research of vowel and consonant peculiarities, of its person lilt and rhythm, and of its grammar adaptations. There also are lists of the idioms and idiomatic expressions that distinguish each one dialect and routines utilizing them. American Dialects additionally comprises musical inflection charts and diagrams displaying the location of lips, tongue, and breath.

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Actually it is to be found in the states of Maine, New Hampshire (except the mountain area), little more than half of eastern Vermont, the eastern half of Massachusetts, the extreme eastern strip of Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Most of the people in western New England which comprises the western half of Vermont, the western half of Massachusetts, and most of Connecticut speak General-American or a modified form of it. , then turns east to the Worcester Hills, south to Athol, and then swings south to a sound about five miles west of New Sanders, Connecticut.

This is particularly true of the people in the industrial sectors of southern New England. The northern rural sections, however, and a number of districts such as Marblehead, Cape Ann, and Martha's Vineyard have continued to resist the movement to General-American and preserve many of the dialect features of New England. A great number of the early New England settlers came from Scotland and Ireland, as well as England and other countries. Contrary to popular belief, they were not all prim, pious Puritans.

Ordinarily, in General-American this consonant is produced with the back portion of the tongue rising to touch the soft palate, the exact position depending on the quality of the vowel sound to follow (see Fig. 3). The New England "g;' however, is produced with the tonguepalate connection considerably more to the front of the roof of the mouth (see Fig. 4). " This palatalized "g" will be written in our phonetics as "gy;' and it must be remembered that the "y" should be extremely light and serve only as a slight glide from the "g" to the following vowel sound, as in "gyAAdin" (garden), "gyAli" (galley), and "gyU:lz" (girls).

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