By exercising (from mild to moderate) while watching a movie on the flat-screen TV above your head, you will burn an average of 500 calories from a 90 minute film. By making this a daily routine, you will successfully burn around 3,500 calories each week, which is the equivalent of a pound of fat. Lose a pound per week from watching movies! Who knew weight-loss could be so much fun?


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 Improve your immune system. Though exercising, the body flushes out harmful toxins, allowing your internal system to work more efficiently.

 Increase blood flow. By exercising, blood is pumped more readily through the heart to other organs. This results in a better flow of oxygen via blood cells.

 Lose weight. Exercising helps you lose weight, feel better, and lowers the chance of diabetes and other health problems related to obesity.

 Live longer. Regular exercise and physical activity are extremely important to achieve long-term health and well-being.

 Improved muscle, bone, and joint. Consistent exercise promotes health promotes healthy muscles, maintains bones, and gives greater movement in joints.

 Many machines use a stack of weighs as a means of resistance. The Universal Exercise Bed uses a special pulley system. Resistance from the weight stack can be controlled by one specific movement, thus allowing the user to focus on one muscle group at a time. This guided and focused range of motion can be ideal for first stages of strength training or rehabilitating from an injury.

 120lb. weight stack.

 Strong, sturdy steel material for a lifetime of use.

 Durable yet comfortable 4.5” mattress.

 Over ten different unique exercises that target different muscle groups for either power training for the beginner. This machine is truly “universal.”